IOCTI (International Organizational Constellations Training Intensive) 2018, Slovenia

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Dear Co-creators of IOCTI 2018 Slovenia,

We would like to thank you again for showing us trust and for helping us building such a positive and energetic event.

Hopefully it has enriched you in many ways - not just in terms of learning and sharing experience, making new steps for individuals and society, but also in gaining new friendships and collecting nice memories as seeds wihich will grow inside of each of us and contribute to new steps forward in may fields.

IOCTI (International Organizational Constellations Training Intensive) 2018

The focus was on exploring how to bring organizational constellations closer to clients from the business environment, public sector and those involved in socially responsible projects.
It was an inspiring gathering with the first-rate international trainers.

There were with us pionires of sistemic work:
Jan Jacob Stam
• The heritage of Bert Hellinger: Constellations and the three 'consciences'
• Planned Future, Emerging Future, Emerging Past, Ba and Ya
• Leadership, change and transformation, seen from a systemic perspective
Jan Jacob Stam and Stephan Hausner:
• Solution versus Transformation - Transformative Impulses in Individual and Societal Questions: Introducing Conversation - Constellations/ Exercise - Reflections

Gunthard Weber:
The Wide View – The ‘forbidden’ consideration of private / family and organizational dynamics in organizational constellations: Advantages and Cautions

Cecilio Fernandez Regojo:
• The future of constellations in the leadership and management of organizations.
• Interview, Connection, Responsibility and Empowerment of the Client
• What is a good result of a constellation? Constellation, systemic thinking or client process?
• With whom and for whom do we work, for the client, for the system, or for both? And from where do we work?

Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibéd:
• Structural constellation

And also trainers of organisational constellations:
Mette Nordahl, Denmark:
• Using the systemic constellation work in the Danish schools

Christine Essen, Eduard Ulreich, Austria:
• Two Systems - One World, Farm Future - a consultation project for family farms and farming families

Cristina Muntean, Romenia, Czech Republic:
• From Diversity & Inclusion to Belonging & Unity: Systemic Explorations in Unconscious Biases in Organizations

Juliana Bohórquez Pinzón, Colombia:
• Meráki: Leadership as a phenomenon, Leadership 5.0

Anita Hrast, Nataša Čebulj, Slovenia
• Project Model M: How can Organisational Constellations and Systemic Coaching help Youth to Find a Job or Create their own on more Efficient Way

Salome Scholtens, Jan Jacob Stam, the Netherlands
• Systemic leadership training in the medical curriculum

Gabriel de Velasco Valenzuela Vazquez, Mexico
• How to integrate Geometric Tools of Systemic Solution for Work Teams

Francesca Gabetti, Italy, Spain:
• Start-up - virtual teams

Elena Veselago, Russia:
• Full Business Overhaul. Re-conceptualizing a business that is forced to close for non-market reasons

Vedran Kraljeta, Croatia:
• Introduction of Systemic Constellations Tool as Learning Tool and Support for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurship Development

Maya Sigala, Mexico, Jimy Calderón Matta, Peru:
• Future Mentoring: The emerging future as a mentor

Incubator - new projects - how can I create the project in my country
Christine Essen, Austria,
Cristina Muntean, Romenia, Czech Republic
• Social projects

Mette Nordahl, Denmark
Iveta Apine, Latvia
• Public sector

Juliana Bohórquez Pinzón, Colombia,
Nataša Čebulj, Slovenia
• Economy

Gabriel de Velasco Valenzuela Vazquez, Mexico
Francesca Gabetti, Italy, Spain
• Social projects

Jan Jacob Stam, the Netherlands
Jimy Calderón Matta, Peru; Maya Sigala, Mexico
• Public sector

Elena Veselago, Russia
Vedran Kraljeta, Croatia, Anita Hrast, Slovenia
• Economy

Warm greatings - IOCTI 2018 TEAM - The Institut for sistemsc constellations Slovenia:
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